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The California Coastal Rose Society (CCRS) is a local non-profit organization affiliated with the American Rose Society (ARS) that serves the needs of North San Diego County rose lovers and gardeners. We meet at least quarterly at various locations and our primary focus is to promote knowledge on the growing of roses.
In the past year (2015), we decided to concentrate our efforts on the Annual ‘Save the Roses’ Auction usually held in November. Over the past several years, due to fiscal and other restrictions, it has become shockingly evident that many roses have become extinct. This includes not only old garden varieties, but even modern hybrid teas! Therefore, we are working with concerned commercial growers to preserve the genetics of rare and unusual rose varieties. Our meetings are ‘hands on’ to learn and perfect the skills of basic of rose propagation and care. Although we do have some recognized ARS Consulting Rosarian experts in our organization, mainly we are a group of people of all ages and backgrounds with one thing in common - our love of roses and the desire to better care for them. Our gardens range in size from 1 to 500+ plants. Some of us are just beginning rose growers and some have been around roses all our lives.

We hope you will come join us so we can share with you our knowledge and enthusiasm as we launch into this exciting project.  -John Bagnasco, President - CCRS

Our current website was launched on December 30, 2005.  CCRS won the prestigious 2006 QUEEN of Local Web Sites Award  and the 2008 KING of Local Web Sites Award from the American Rose Society:

More on: History of CCRS by Rita Applegate

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