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Jerry Downs, Photographer


I was paid a great compliment at a recent rose show in Phoenix where I was selling my photographs. A person asked me if I took only pictures of roses and flowers. I explained that my main commercial work was taking people portraits for corporate and nonprofit agencies. I began to show her a few diverse samples of my work that ranged from early childhood development to Alzheimer patients. She stopped me and said, “I got it. You don’t take pictures of roses. You take their portrait.”


I got it. It was just like taking pictures of people. There are times when shooting a rose or a beautiful model that there is nothing to do except frame the beauty in an interesting way. However, my favorite and most interesting images of people and roses are actually the picture where a particular feature sets them apart as unique individuals.


Photography tips from a professional: Rose Portraits




Thank you to the very talented Jerry Downs for sharing his incredible talent with us all. 


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