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In Memoriam

Sadly, Ivy (Bodin) has passed away, (April 3rd, 2017.) It is such a terrible loss for the world of roses and everyone who knew him. He was so generous with his time, knowledge and roses. After he had filled his small lot with over 150 roses, he went on to donate and plant hundreds of heritage roses in rose gardens he created and that are open to the public. His contributions of his roses to our shows made the displays spectacular. None of us will forget his defense and tremendous support of our group. I will miss his warm humor, brilliant intelligence, enthusiasm, positive & supportive spirit, and his cringing at my French when I tried to pronounce the names of roses. The last time we were talking about our favorite subject, he admitted that my French hurt his ears. I thought of him all the while I was in Sacramento last week. I had so much to share with him and am bereft that I will no longer be able to.

James (Waldman) & I are going to his garden to remove his roses. They will be installed later in a memorial garden in his name at Alta Vista. He was so lovely and so loved. He will live on in our hearts.

~ From CCRS Member Becky Yianilos
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