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WOW!  Yes, there is no doubt that the indefatigible Brenda Landers-Smith has exhibited her great passion for roses yet again by designing the top rose society web site in the country.  The acolades from all over the USA are clear testimony to her volunteer spirit and sincere commitment.  Such high energy deserves our combined appreciation and recognition. Brenda you are indeed a winner!

Dr. Tommy Cairns, Studio City, CA on 13 September 2007

Read your website from cover to cover last night and was blown away. What an inspired creation of the rose have you given us! Thank you for this lovely gift. Your many talents with the rose continue to amaze us. We look forward to this new exploration.


Ivy Bodin on February 9, 2006

You are doing a fantastic job Brenda. This is obviously a labor of love as your character shines through every bit of it.

Thank you for sharing your talents.

Rita Applegate on May 9, 2006

In the midst of a heat wave here on the East Coast, when I opened your website, it felt like a cool breeze. Simply elegant. I am a city girl who doesn't get much opportunity to see such delightful flowers and gardens. I will be a frequent visitor to this website.



Denise Kempf, Phila, PA on August 1, 2006

What a beautiful website with great photography. Cheers to you Brenda. 

Roselady44 on January 2, 2006

Absolutely fabulous website. Great photography. Well Done.

Cheryl Moore, Australia on January 2, 2006

A perfect website for God's perfect creation, the rose. Brenda, the work you have portrayed is beautiful.

Terry Adams on January 4, 2006

Beautiful website--------really well done. I love the pictures especially. Great Job!! 

Bonnie Shoultz, East County on December 31, 2005

Congratulations on the 'completion' of an absolutely wonderful web page! Beautiful photography and interesting articles/information! Gayle


Gayle Kabes on January 2, 2006

What a beautiful website! I can see how much work it took to make it. Excellent job Brenda!

Aprille Curtis on January 4, 2006

Good lookin' website, Brenda. Way to go! D.

Dean Pollock, OK on January 4, 2006

AWESOME web site Brenda!!!  Already bookmarked in my Roses file. Thanks for your hard work.

Cindy B-H on January 4, 2006

Brenda, Thanks for inviting me to check out this lovely web-site. This production is an exceptional and professional piece of work. I am awestruck with its incredible beauty!!!  Joe has certainly shared his love of roses with you and you've taken it to this level. Can't wait to tell Pat.

With much appreciation, Olivia

Olivia Goemann on January 6, 2006

Brenda, you've outdone yourself! This web site is absolutely magnificent and will surely rank right up there among the very best rose society web sites. Congratulations!



Cliff on January 6, 2006

Brenda, your expertise and creativity is incredible! This is the most beautiful rose website I have seen. There is an appealing friendliness that strongly enhances the beauty.The organization is extremely well done. It is so easy to find exactly what I'm looking for. You have a major talent in using just the right shades of colors that heightens the appreciation and romance of roses.

Roger English on January 6, 2006

My compliments to you, Brenda. You've done an outstanding job on the website. :-)


Rosemarie Gates on January 10, 2006

What can I say about something so nice. The work thats' gone into this certainly shows. Absolutely stunning!


Joe on January 10, 2006

Very good site Brenda. The photos you have on your gallery are excellent. I have seen a lot of bad images I would not show anywhere with distracting backgrounds and many are out of focus. I am refering to the many images by others on (other sites). Just look what others added to my mini 'Glowing Amber' on (other site) and you will see what I mean. Keep up the good work.

George Mander

George Mander, Hybridizer, Canada on January 13, 2006

We think you make us look as good as the roses on the website...Thanks a lot! Your work on this website is Superb. Congrats to you.

Mary Frank and Carolyn Buman on January 15, 2006

I really like the website. Thank you for such a lovely job.

BeBeRose on January 18, 2006

Bravo to you Brenda for having the inspiration, enthusiasm, and dedication to create this awesome website for the California Coastal Rose Society. It is obviously a labor of love. Your website is not only beautiful but also full of excellent rose information and lovely rose photos. You are becoming quite an accomplished rose photographer.

Kitty Belendez on January 24, 2006

Brenda you've done a fabulous job with this web site. I agree with everything already posted here. The only thing I can think to add is that the roses seems so lifelike that I can almost smell them. What an antidote to a cold winter day;I can't wait to get back into the garden. I really like the educational articles, too.

Emily Schwartz on January 30, 2006

Love it........gives me the same soft feelings that I find in my garden.........Thanks


Ellen McG-T on January 31, 2006

What a beautiful and well organized web site you have created, Brenda. Information that I have had to search for in the past is right at my fingertips. How convenient! Thank you.


Linda Nohlburg on February 1, 2006

Well, I really must spend more time in your gardens! I don't think I've ever seen anything more beautiful than the Marilyn Monroe. Thanks for sharing!


Peggy Byrde on February 6, 2006

Great job on the website! Top notch!


Stephen Neville on February 9, 2006

You have done such a magnificent job here. Thank you so much for your kind generosity, love and care that shows up through this accomplishment with shining light. AREN'T ROSES GREAT!


Gordy Corwin on February 21, 2006

Brenda - Thanks for the invitation and offer to link my site with images of the beautiful, dynamic and sensual world of roses. Again, my compliments on the site and your own fantastic photography. My Best, Jerry Downs jerrydownsphoto.com

Jerry Downs on February 27, 2006

Congratulations to my "west-coast cousin" on a job well done. I hope many will see your site and learn to love the rose as much as we do! :-)


Stacey Catron, Eatontown, NJ on March 23, 2006

Beautiful website! The photography is excellent and everything is so well organized and informative. Thank you Brenda and the CCRS for their appreciation of natures most beautiful and precious flowers.


Kim Giammarinaro on June 19, 2006

What a beautiful website. I always look forward to the new information that is constantly provided and all the helpful hints!!! ... and it is very easy to navigate!....and the photographs are great...they really show all sides of this wonderful obsession we all have...:-)......keep up the great work!

juliette on June 21, 2006

I am thrilled to find this web site. The artistry, color and mood are absolutely beautiful. Your articles are interesting and informative, ideas not found elsewhere. The photographs are stunning. My compliments to you for creating this work of art. I will return again and again.

Carrie on June 22, 2006

Joel Ross told me to take a look at the website-what a great site. Keep up the good work. Merry

Merry Young, Paul Ecke, Jr. Flower/Garden on June 24, 2006

BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!! Reflects a lot of hard work in the glorification of the rose. Thank you for sharing.


fran kaelke on July 3, 2006

Great website Brenda, love it.


Ron Gregory on July 3, 2006

Gorgeous Website.
Packed full of info.
Fantastic job!

Amy Dohmen aka IdahoRoseLady, Boise, Idaho on August 5, 2006

Hi, Great web site.  I enjoyed the trip through your site . No doubt I will visit on a regular basis.


Bill, Sarnia Ontario Canada on August 6, 2006

Your web site has a beautiful design and the depth of the writing in the articles is excellent! You have a real gem here.


Elena Williams - Eagan, Minnesota on August 17, 2006

Bren, congratulations on winning the Queen of Local Web Sites award.  D.

Dean Pollock on March 12, 2007

Your President Sharon looks quite happy there.  We miss her in Northern California.

Gregg from Oakland, CA on March 27, 2007

Fantastic website, Brenda.  Congratulations on winning the "Queen" distinction. I visit the site regularly and enjoy it everytime.

Sandy Campillo, El Cajon, CA on March 27, 2007

Beautiful Website and so well organized. I enjoy visiting for fun and education.

Terry Harris, San Diego, CA on April 14, 2007

Thanks for such a beautiful and educational website. Very informative and easy to navigate. Keep up the great work!

Dennis Copson, Nature's Big Bud Worm Castings, Inc.of Oceanside, CA on April 23, 2007

I really enjoyed your site.  The pictures were beautiful.

Donna Harrell of Poulan,GA on 13 May 2008

Great Site!

Kristal L. Rosebrook of Tampa, FL on 14 November 2008

Absolutely wonderful!  Great designs! Enjoyed looking at your informative website!

Barbara McIntosh, Oxford, MS on 18 February 2010

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