Tuesday, November 17, 2009

05:00 PM  
Rose Auction

By Joel Ross, Development Chairman

The CCRS Auction will take place at Heritage Hall at 2650 Garfield Road, Carlsbad CA, 92009 on Tuesday November 17, 2009 beginning at 5:00 pm instead of 5:10 as written in last month's newsletter. We are delighted to announce that BOTH Sharon Asakawa and Bryan Main will act as Auctioneers.

John will begin the SILENT Auction at 5:00 pm with a power point presentation in which he discusses each offering and shows a photograph of the bloom. During the entire SILENT AUCTION BIDDERS may walk about placing and then updating their bids on the corresponding bid sheets on any of the plants in which they are interested. The SILENT portion of the Auction will draw to a close with a 5 minute warning at 6:10 pm and a 1 minute warning at 6:14 pm. The BIDDER with the highest bid on each bid sheet at the close of the Auction at 6:15 will be the winner. Our Clerks will collect the bid sheets, sort them by BIDDER and then prepare a list showing what plants each BIDDER has won. BIDDERS may settle their account at any time after this audit has been performed.

During the 30 minutes between the SILENT and LIVE AUCTIONS, CCRS will provide a light snack (including turkey roll-ups) at no charge to all participants. During this intermission you are free to socialize, celebrate the SILENT bidding war victories, leisurely inspect the LIVE AUCTION specimens and prepare final strategies for the LIVE portion battles.

The LIVE AUCTION will begin at 6:45 pm. John will present a power point covering the LIVE AUCTION plants but these will be auctioned one by one in numerical order immediately after each has been discussed. The Clerks will add these plants to each BIDDER'S tally sheet as they are auctioned to keep each tab current and allow each BIDDER to leave at any time they have completed their purchase of LIVE AUCTION plants.

The AUCTION LISTS will appear on the CCRS website within the next two weeks and if demand is sufficient will be reprinted in the November Newsletter as well. We will notify all CCRS members when the list is placed on the website via E- mail. If you do not have E-mail, let me (Joel) know at the next meeting and I will call to personally notify you of its publication. We encourage members who will be out of town but still wish to bid, to do so by proxy
of their choice. Your cell phone can put you in direct contact with your proxy if you desire. This was done last year for a really superb specimen and it generated a great deal of added excitement! We will publish how to make proxy arrangements via the website as well.

CCRS accepts only cash and checks as payment except in the case of CCRS members in good standing who may submit a marker at the time of purchase (another good reason to join CCRS now). If you wish to put your SILENT AUCTION purchases into your car before the LIVE AUCTION begins, you will need TWO different checks to do this. Do bring along a pruner to help properly size the plants to fit into you vehicle, as taking off part of a branch prior to the ride home can save serious wear and tear on the interior fabrics.

This AUCTION provides a wealth of educational information on rare roses thanks to John; an opportunity to obtain plants that are in many cases otherwise essentially unavailable; a forum in which to obtain good honest advice by others familiar with a cultivar as to suitability for your particular climate; and immense entertainment from audience participation (desired or not) as we observe BIDDERS putting their purchase strategies into action. John, I, all those who have contributed, helped secure and nurture these plants over the last 12 + months and all those who magically appear in the early afternoon of Auction day to put the final touches on the AUCTION are really pleased that this activity provides so much pleasure to all who attend. Please do bring friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers to join in the fun.

If you wish to be more involved in this years Auction, you need only let me (Joel) know of your interest. Everyone is welcomed (and needed) to help with the set up of the Auction at 1:30 pm on Tuesday November 17th. There is always much to do at the last minute and there are no sign up sheets employed. This is a great opportunity both to get to know many other CCRS members and to "talk roses" in a leisurely fashion. Hope to see you there!


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