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Short Story and Pictoral Link
1 Feb 2004

I would like to share the following pictorial from about a year ago in my garden. This is a wonderful story filled with agony and sheer happiness.

I grew a huge Cecile Brunner  rose which made an amazing arch near a garden room (the room is now gone after remodeling, Cecile relocated). One day in late winter/early spring, I discovered a hummingbird nest built precariously on a long dangling branch of this rose...with one tiny egg inside.

I watched the nest carefully everyday...made and put up signs with clothes pins for the gardener  and visitors to not bump into the nest. Yet, one morning the gardeners came....I spoke to them in the best Spanish I knew and showed them the nest and the tiny baby who just hatched.
Within twenty minutes...I see the gardener looking on the ground - looking all around. I knew he knocked the baby out! I came outside almost in tears...looking too. Very afraid we would step on it because he/she was less than an inch in length. I looked about 4 feet away and found it lying there but breathing! I carefully put it back in the nest - and PRAYED.

The photos here: (Click slide show for the best view)

will tell the story of a few weeks of ups and downs keeping this nest from falling off of Cecile Brunner. It was a blessing to have been able to be so close to this little bird and help rescue it on several occasions. From falling out after being hatched, to several rain storms, to the nest hanging on by a was an adventure. The captions on each photo tell the whole story.

Hummingbirds are something to behold.

Hope you enjoy the photos!   Spring is just around the corner!

Brenda Pollock-Smith

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