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24 Apr 2016

Fragrance in Roses by Michael Marriott
ARS Magazine March/April 2016 (pg 21)
Fragrance eminates from the petals EXCEPT for “musk” that eminates from stamens. Recall that fragrance in roses is a RECESSIVE TRAIT and is seen in only 15% or roses. The science of how fragrance is encoded and transmitted from the olfactory bulb and olfactory nerves is relatively rudimentary when compared to characterization of visual and auditory neural transmissions.  
Old Rose (? how to describe): found in Gallicas, Damasks & Albas.  Examples: Kazanlik, David Austins & R. Rugosa
Tea (fresh tea leaves): found in Tea roses. Examples: Lady Hillingdon Celine, Forestier & Graham Thomas
Myrrh (anise): found in Ayshire rambler derivatives and frequently in Engish roses. Examples: Constance Spry Scepter d’ Isle
Fruit: found in R. chinensis or R wichurana derivatives: scents include apple, pear, banana, raspberry, strawberry, black current, all citrus types, guava and lychee
Musk (clove) found in Musk ramblers. Examples:  Rambling Rector, Kifsgate, Paul’s Himalayan Rambler

Michael Marriott

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