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1 Nov 2005

Horizon Roses 2005 Review

Joe and Brenda Smith

Vista, CA



Miniatures/Mini Floras


Luscious Lucy – A friendly and inviting new exhibition addition.  The creamy yellow center unfurls delicately to pink kissed edging, tiered petals show exceptional exhibition quality.  Frequent pin point centers are the crème de la crème. Ghastly looking guard petals keep this beauty protected until her opening debut.  Not disease resistant.  


Class of ’73 – Coiled and jam-packed with petals, this beefy mini-flora is a keeper.  Freezes in exhibition formation for days.  Not disease resistant.  A definite “graduate” to the royalty table.


Nancy Jean – 2nd year even better than 1st. Classy, sophisticated, decidedly refined.  Spiraling apricot beauty from Vernon Rickard resides in her own bed, proving abundant blooms and a definite winners.  Petals coiling to pin point centers in exquisite apricot are set off perfectly with dark green foliage.   Light nitrogen leveled out the large leaves we encountered last year.  Top winner tied with Dr. John Dickman for us.


Charmed – Uniquely beautiful as it is strange, color between “lots of cream in my coffee” and an “antique pale pink silk petticoat” faded over 100 years demands attention in its rarity.  Spray development shows absolute equilibrium. Foliage adds a lovely contrast to the distinguishing color of the bloom.  Exhibition form is modern and perfect while the color speaks to days gone by.  Almost haunting.  A intriguing keeper.


Heather Sproul – Lively and sweet, HS has matured to a welcomed addition to our exhibition garden.  Gentle, pleasing pink blooms show dense and decidedly excellent exhibition form.  Foliage is some of the best we have ever seen, glossy, dark and clean.  Sturdy stems support a strong feminine winner.  Disease resistant.


Peter Cottontail – First year own root plant has produced marvelous canes producing beauties slowly but surely.  Blooms show brilliant form and substance.  High hopes for second year specimens. 


Jerry Lynn – Light apricot mini-flora is off to a slower start than other new additions but the blooms so far have produced a beloved “Sam Trivitt” alternative. Brawnier blooms than ST, we have high hopes for next year.


Buttercream – The icing on the cake is Buttercream.  Bob Martins winner is a celebrated new favorite.  Superbly Queenly form, emerging as a disease resistant winner in our garden.  Buttercream has a place of honor in our garden for everyone to see. Stem and foliage are exceptional.  Disease resistant.   


Conundrum - The conundrum has been solved….we have a winner.  Not disease resistant but a religious spray program keeps problems at bay.  Fabulous form, brilliant golden yellow with ruby edges that seem to illuminate from within.  One of our top three favorites.  Conundrum is fun and flirty – demands attention and the tables are doing all the talking.


Dr. John Dickman – Long, tall John is a blooming machine in Vista, CA.  On any given day we can find a bounty of DJD.  Spirals of luscious mauve edged in red stop you in your tracks.  Centers, centers, centers.  Foliage is big – low nitrogen and clever grooming skills will make him royalty over and over again.  Ties with Nancy Jean as top winner for us. 


Sir Joseph – This uniquely variegated sport of Aristocrat shows a jazzy, upbeat, little kick in the pants attitude since it was discovered in 2004.  SJ is a striped pink blend with all the health and vigor of Aristocrat. Sir Joseph won a blue ribbon in his first rose show debut in 2005.  Petite and shows exhibition form – hopeful trophy winner in the future.  Disease resistant.  Prolific bloomer.


Hybrid Teas


Mulan – As exotic as its beautiful name, tropical fruit colors of mango and papaya make this beauty delicious.  Cut it TIGHT…speaking from trial and error. We see a big winner in the future with Mu Lan.  First year plant made it on the court of honor.  The plant has produced some stunning specimens. An absolute keeper – looking forward to watching this plant come into its full potential.


Let Freedom Ring –   Some called it hype.  We disagree.  This first year plant has produced hefty, skyscraper stems.  Some blooms have been an ideal velvety perfection with centers that last for days on the bush.  A keeper and inspiration for sure.


Della Reese –   Della Reese is intriguing as she shows a triad of winning qualities.  She has form on occasion PLUS the wonderful bouquet coupled with marvelous color. We are holding on to her for another year to mature to see where she may go on the exhibition trail. 





Joe and Brenda Smith
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