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Heritage Roses
                  presented by Ivy Bodin
'In its Handbook for Selecting Roses, the American Rose Society illustrates its approach to classification of roses by structuring and naming roses into specific categories in order to explain the range of rose classifications available.  Roses are typecast into three sections:  Species roses ("the wild roses"), Old Garden Roses --those in existence prior to 1867 and those created thereafter in classes existing prior to 1867,  and Modern Roses--those created after 1867 and into the 20th and 21st centuries.  Within the 20 classes enumerated and described by ARS are roses of all shapes , sizes and colors.
This presentation will attempt to focus on Antique, Old Garden and Heritage roses and their parents and progeny with all the mixtures of genetics possible.  It might be impossible to be strictly categorical and fit into categories neatly,  so let us assume our focus will be on roses of olden days and roses that bear bloom form and bush form characteristics of such.  Come explore the wonderful world of these type roses.......to include modern creations of them also.  Our roses will be featured as they exist and thrive for us  in Southern California and how they prosper here, mostly in San Diego County. Excellenz von Shubert (right).

All roses on this page grown and photographed by Ivy Bodin

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Baby Faurax (left) 

Old Garden Roses

Rose de Rescht (right)



Rosa Minutifolia


Moss Roses

Jean Bodin (right) 



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