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presented by Rita Applegate


In 1987 the leaders of the North County Rose Society wanted to eliminate the societys Annual Rose Show as they felt it was too costly.  Several members wanted to continue having rose shows and decided the only way this could happen was to form a new rose society. 


Three people were primarily responsible for forming this new society namely Slim and Grace Grider, Dee Brettschneider and Bill Willets.


They decided the name California Coastal Rose Society was appropriate for this new society because of its location. 


Grace enlisted the help of her good friend Dr. Tommy Cairns, Past President of the American Rose Society.  Tommy was asked to write the by-laws, which he had done for other societies.  At Grace’s insistence he was asked to make them simple. Which he did.  He received approval with a few changes from Grace.


These by-laws as well as the application to be an Affiliate Member of the American Rose Society were submitted and were approved by the ARS in January, 1988.


The first item on the Agenda was planning a rose show.  Properties were needed for the show and it was suggested that they contact the person who was storing properties for the disbanded Chula Vista Rose Society.  The properties were graciously donated to CCRS.  These properties are still being used at our shows.


Tommy Cairns and Luis Desamero helped arrange the show.  Tommy prepared the entire table signs and signs for the trophy table.  Tommy recalls this first show was held in a Church hall.  It was a great success.  It continues to be one of the best shows attracting the top rose exhibitors.


The society has grown and prospered during this time thanks to the hard work of the members.


Coe and I became members.  This membership has continued for 18th years.  CCRS holds a special place in my heart.


Congratulations on the 18th Anniversary of

California Coastal Rose Society.


Rita Applegate, January 16, 2006 



Photograph (above right): Coe and Rita Applegate, May 2002.  By Brenda Landers-Smith 


Founding Members:

Slim and Grace Grider, Bill and Dee Brettschneider, Ruth Billingsley, Ruby Kewley and Bill and Pat Willits.

Members from the beginning:

Charlie & Marianne Thurston, Billie Harrison & Ann McGurk, Harold Golden, Ed & Dorothy Carden, Coe & Rita Applegate, Dr. Tommy Cairns and Luis Desamero.

Members at the first meeting:

Ralph Beardsly
Gladys Beardsly
Ruth Billingsly
Bill and Dee Brettschneider
Ed and Dorothy Carden
Frank and Danis Lejeune
Harold M. Golden
Grace and Slim Grider
Fred and Florence Griffith
Ann Herbert
Ruby Kewley
Irv and Dorothy McClain
Ron and Margaret MacInnes
Will and Hilda Sooter
Sally Toepfer
Bill and Margaret Whitworth
Bill and Pat Willits
Jim and Alice Winslow

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