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Consulting Rosarians + Judges

American Rose Society Consulting Rosarians are experienced rose growers who have met American Rose Society qualifications to give complimentary advise on all aspects of rose culture.

American Rose Society Judges have been educated in the many aspects of horticulture and arrangement rose exhibiting/ judging.


Jane Diliberto
ARS Consulting Rosarian

Chris and Leah Greenwood
ARS Horticulture Judge and Consulting Rosarian
Glendora, CA

Liz Greenwood
ARS Horticulture Judge and Consulting Rosarian

Frank Hastings
ARS Horticulture and Arrangement Judge
El Cajon, CA

Walt and Diana Kilmer
ARS Horticulture Judges and Consulting Rosarians
Note: Diana Kilmer is also an ARS Arrangement Judge

Geri Minott-McCarron
ARS Consulting Rosarian
Cardiff by the Sea, CA

Sharon McColgan
ARS Horticulture Judge and Consulting Rosarian
Oceanside, CA

Dwyn Robbie
ARS Consulting Rosarian
Del Mar, CA

Joel Ross, MD
ARS Consulting Rosarian
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Sue Streeper
ARS Horticulture Judges
San Diego, CA

Qualifications to be an ARS Consulting Rosarian
Any member of the American Rose Society may qualify as a Consulting Rosarian by doing the following:
  • Be a member, (regular or joint member) of the American Rose Society for three consecutive years.
  • Be an active member of a local rose society.  
  • Grow roses of various types for at least five years and should be knowledgeable in all equipment and materials related to rose culture.          
  • Provide letters of recommendation from any three Consulting Rosarians, on the form provided by their District Consulting Rosarian Chairman.  
  • Attend an ARS school/workshop for Consulting Rosarians and complete an open book examination based on the material contained in the Consulting Rosarian manual.  
  • Know and be willing to live up to the Consulting Rosarian Guidelines (this book is available from the American Rose Society.)
  • Willing to attend no less than one Consulting Rosarian School in every four-year period.        
  • Submit a completed individual annual report form to the District Chairman of Consulting Rosarians. If no report is submitted in a three-year period the CR will be dropped from the program. A warning letter will be issued after two years of non-compliance.
  • Submit a Roses in Review Report to the RIR District Coordinator each year.
  • Exhibit a continuing willingness to share knowledge and an enthusiasm for the rose and the American Rose Society. 
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