Magic behind Magee
Those who make it happen!



Joe Smith and Dr. Joel Ross plant new Old Garden Roses at Magee Rose Garden - January 21, 2006

Barbara Woelfer, Director Bobs beautiful wife - January 21, 2006

Joyce Raymer, always stylish while working at Magee!

Barbara Beebe - Enjoys a well deserved Starbucks break.

The "J" Team -  Jim, Joel and Joe.  Thanks for the hard work!

Brenda Pollock-Smith - New Mini Rose bed installed 2003, roses donated by Frank and Cherrie Grasso, Joe Smith and Brenda Pollock-Landers.  Tile markers "Loved and Cared for by the California Coastal Rose Society" installed.  Made in the backyard of Joe Smith.

Gwen Cleary - 2003 Devoted Magee contributor. 

Joe Smith and Brandy at Magee - 2003

Pam and Marina Lueschen - Magee 2003, Mother and daughter rose nuts.

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